Month: March 2018

How To Get 5X’s More Traffic On Pinterest

Pinterest has become the number one visual search engine that ALL bloggers need to utilize. It has now become like Google. If someone wants to look up recipes, what colors to paint their bedroom, baby shower ideas; where do they go? If your blog is what they are searching for, Pinterest can skyrocket your blog.

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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Blog For Your Business

Blogging is becoming more and more popular. People are turning into entrepreneurs and making their businesses grow just by blogging about their expertise. A study showed that 12 million people blog via social media networks and 6.7 million blog on blogging sites. You can sell your product through your blog or give more information on

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Rising Like Bread

Endless hours of sitting at your computer typing out the best blogs you have ever written. Checking your stats everyday to see how many people have looked at your blogs. The growth you have been looking for has not happened. Your followers go up and down and your biting your manicured nails trying to figure

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