Top 5 Books You Need To Put On Your Must Read List

Being an entreprenuer has it’s ups and downs. For a few months you can be striving for business and then BOOM! Out of the switch turned on and business is booming, fast forward a few more months, it slows down a little. This is the cycle that is far to common in the entreprenuer world. It comes with many challenges and an effort for continous learning.

Being a woman entrepreneur has many unique challenges. We are running a business all the while maintaining a family as well. Thankfully, we have some successful women who have written their entrepreneur journeys for inspiration and guidance. These are the top 5 optimal books for women entrepreneurs to on their road to success.

1.Secrets of Six Figure Women

Barbara Stanny has dug deep in this page turner. Full of inspiration and motivation that can assist you on getting to the top. Multiple interviews with women who are divulging their secrets and strategies that changed their lives.

2. In The Company of Women

This book is a refreshing breath of air. It highlights inspiring advice from women from different areas and backgrounds sharing motivational quotes and stories on their journey to success.

3.Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

It’s one thing having money, however it is another thing about knowing what to do with it after the cash hits your bank account. This book gives you essential financial information and provides awesome financial advise that we entrepreneurs need to live our best lives with no financial stress.

4. Lean In

This enlightning read will challenge everything that you think about career women today. Inspiring call to action and a blueprint for individual growth that will empower women around the world to achieve their full potential.

5. Get Over Your Damn Self

Very direct no-nonsense self coaching we all need. You will learn the Posture to confidently connect with anyone about your business and your products.The Possibilities for a lucrative, efficient and enormously rewarding turn key business.The Power that’s already within you to build the life you really want. Get ready to not be able to set this one down!

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