5 Things Successful People Do Before 8AM!

A successful business owner once told me, “How you start out your day will dictate how the rest of your day goes.” Being productive doesn’t come naturally. It takes self discipline, determination, and forming good habits to truly rule your day. It’s so easy to get off track. A few seconds on Instagram can turn into hours and before you know it, have the day is gone and you haven’t crossed out one thing on your To Do list.

Below are tips on what highly successful people do before 8AM!

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Early risers are more happier studies have shown. I believe it is because they get more accomplished in the day than most. Getting up early and slashing your goals off your list is an instant mood booster. You will excel in productivity and time management skills just by starting your day early. Getting things done early can leave you the rest of your day for leisure and down time.



Morning workouts are the best! Before most people put their feet on the floor, you can be done with your sweat session. We all know the abundance of health benefits exercise brings, but going ahead and crossing it off your list first thing in the morning is amazing. You don’t have to think about exercising for the rest of the day. Don’t have to pencil it in between appointments. It’s done! You also get the benefit of feeling more refreshed, clearer thinking, more attentiveness, and decrease stress.



Whether it’s quotes or writing something positive you would like to bring to your day. Starting off the top of the morning will positivity creates an aura of good energy. It will focus you on striving toward that one thing that will make your day absolutely delightful. Another good thing to start is a gratitude journal. Take a few moments to reflect and write what you are grateful for. Your creativity, your drive to succeed, how far you have built your business from the ground up. This can keep you inspired throughout the day.



There is a long list of benefits for meditation. To take a few minutes a day to increase happiness, relieve stress, improve concentration, and increases self awareness. You don’t have to take an hour to meditate five or ten minutes can do the trick. The goal is to focus and quiet your mind. Find a quiet space in your home, close your eyes, and breathe naturally. When your mind starts to wander try to stop and refocus. Meditation works wonders.


Plan & Schedule

It’s good to have your schedule at least two weeks to a month in advance. If not, daily planning is doable. You have to make sure you are headed in the direction of your goals. Planning a schedule will keep you on track.


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