How To Find Your Passion

You have decided to take the plunge and start your own business or blog. You have been thinking about it for a while and the entrepreneur bug keeps biting you. But where do you start? Below is a guide to help you on your journey to find your passion.

What Makes You Light Up

First thing first. You have to find your passion. You can’t just run a business about something you have no interest in. You can’t say, “Oh, I really like makeup! I will go into business that involves makeup.” Yes you like makeup, but do you LOVE makeup. Do you live and breathe all the latest brands. What colors are in this season? Have you tried them all? Do you know what foundation truly is, what it is made for, and how to put it on? Do you know how to contour? If you said no to these questions, then you are not passionate about makeup.

You have to find something you love, not something you just like.

You have to live, breathe, and eat your business. Wake up in the morning with it on your brain and dream about it when your head hits the pillow. That is your purpose. That is your calling. That is what you are passionate about it. Something that you love to do more than anything in this world. The mere thought of it makes you light up. What is it?

Does Money Even Matter?

The big “M” word. Money! Yes we all want to get paid doing what we love. However, when it comes to something that you are passionate about, does the amount of money even matter? The drive to make money is great, but if that is the only reason you are going into business, you might give up too quickly. Starting a business does takes work and sometimes the monetary gain doesn’t magically happen when you first start. It makes it easier to just walk away because there is no passion in the work at all. Passion keeps you persistent.

Do You Have Any Skills Or Talents?

What are you good at? What is your special talent? Not just thing that you can okay, things that are you fantastic at? Do you love taking pictures? Have a knack for writing? Excel with public speaking? Something that you can do with total ease. Don’t get nervous if it is something that isn’t practical or uncommon. Uncommon is good! (Maybe there is a need for it!) Whatever your skill is you should figure out a way to profit from it.

Remember What You Loved Doing As A Child

Sometimes it takes reaching down deep and going way back to find your passion. What is something that you enjoyed as a child? Something that you did for hours and never got bored. Paint or draw? Building things? Would you enjoy doing that same thing now?

It may take some time or it might hit you like a bolt of lightning what your most passionate about. As you go about your days, give some time to reflect. Write down some ideas of things you are passionate about.

One helpful trick that works when it comes to identifying what your passion is, is make a list of things you would like to do if money was no object. You can create a list of five, ten, or one hundred things!

After you make a list, it’s time to whittle it down. Now envision yourself waking up each day and doing these activities. Envision each activity one at a time. How does it make you feel to be able to do that each day and make money from it? Which one brings you the most happiest? Now you have found your true passion in life.

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