7 Tips To Slay Your Hashtag Game On Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing photo sharing platform ever! With 600 million users and 400 million daily users, Instagram is a gold mind for bloggers. Instagram can drive traffic to your blog, deposits in your bank account, networking , and get your content out there for the world to see.
Instagram is worth all the hype, however it is highly competitive. Keeping followers is mega hard. One day you gained thirty followers and the next day you have dropped forty. What the hell just happened?

One thing you definitely have to do is utilize hashtags.

Hashtags tips to get more traffic below!


1.Hashtags can get your pics seen more by people who are not already following you. If you are hashtagging #every #single #word you probably won’t get much engagement. Use hashtags that are relevant with each picture. #exercise will be confusing under a pic of you eating chocolate cake. Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, audience,and products.

2 Go to the magnifying glass on Instagram and click on tags. Type in your niche, let’s say beauty blogger. What you will see next is all of the hashtags that have the word beauty blogger that people use and the actual number of how many times it has been used. The word beauty blogger has been used 1.3 million times. Click on the word and then you can see all the pics that have this particular hashtag. There are two categories Top Posts and Most Recent. The goal is to get on the top post section. With beauty blogger being used 1.3 million times it will be not an easy task to get to the top. The secret is to use hashtags that are at least 100,000-500,000. That way it’s easier to get to the top posts. All the hashtags that are used that are similar to beauty blogger will populate along with the number of times it has been used. Then choose which ones you will utilize. Do this for all the words describing your niche.


3. Search the top posts and your competitors for hashtags they are using. If they are consistently using the same hashtags, they must work. It might can get tiresome looking at all of their hashtags, but it will be worth it when your views pick up.

4. Brand Hashtags- You want to use your brand name or the name of your products as hashtags as well. Those hashtags can lead people right to your Instagram page. In every post I always use #thesuccessfuldiva which is the name of my brand. It will redirect everyone to my Instagram page.

5. Get Audience To Use YOUR Hashtag- Getting your audience to respond to you is a true win! Get your audience to use your branded hashtag when they mention your brand or products. Engagement and brand awareness will increase instantly!

6. Avoid Spammer Hashtags- #like4like, #follow4follow, are hashtags to avoid at all costs. These hashtags will attract bots, spammers, and other people who have no intention to follow you for your content. These are popular hashtags, but you want organic followers who truly are interested in your brand. Not just following you to increase their followers.
7.Business Account-Switch to a business account so you can track how effective your posts are doing. This way you can see the number of accounts that started following after your post. The number of unique accounts that have seen your post which is your reach. The number of impressions, the overall number of how many times it has been seen.

Just go to your account settings and you will see the option to turn your account into a business account.

Instagram Business Account.png

You will the be asked to login to your Facebook account and asked which Facebook account you want to connect. You have to be an administrator of the page you want to connect.

You can also gauge the best times to post by reviewing these stats on your business account. You posted at 3pm on a Friday and got 4,000 in reach and and 10,000 impressions versus posting at 12am with only a reach of 200 and 120 impressions. Take note!

13 thoughts on “7 Tips To Slay Your Hashtag Game On Instagram

  1. good tips there is also a hashtag app that will let you select 30 of the top ranking hashtags its called hashtagger it works wonders !! Also i’m not a fan of turning your instagram into a business account ive heard it will lower your engagement and try to get you pay for ads ! not sure how true it is but i’m pretty cautious to tell ig i’m a business


  2. Totally gotta stay up to date with the hashtag game, and I for sure use them to find other accounts that I want to work with 😉


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