5 Steps On Being A Consistent Blogger

Life happens. Work. Family. Kids. Oh yeah, and yourself! You blog here and there, wait two months and put up a post. And then, no one reads it. No one cares. And then you want to get on WordPress and erase your blog and call it quits. No, Successful Diva’s! We are not quitters!

Yes producing great content and consistent blogs is hard work.

You have to post on a regular basis to get your audience hooked. You want them to be sitting there and waiting on your to post every Wednesday. They know it’s coming and as soon as that email alert hits, your page views skyrocket. That is the goal of all bloggers. To blog consistently and have a huge following. The way to do that is blog on a regular schedule.

1. One of the key points of blogging consistently is making blogging a habit. If you write whenever the spirit hits you, you could be only writing once a month or every other month. That is not enough to reel in viewers. Blogging habitually does a couple of things for your audience. One is growing trust with them. When your working with affiliate companies, blogging consistently will keep funds in your Louis Vuitton purse. Cha-ching!

Make a commitment to write a certain amount of words a day or a week. Or write one two blog posts a week. Make sure it is something that you can really do. If you make a commitment to blog seven times a week when you know you only have the time to push out two a week, ummmm……it’s probably not going to work. Once you make this promise to yourself, stick to it! Everyday set out a time frame that you will actually sit down and work on this.

If you don’t have much time to blog, you don’t want to take that hour that you have set trying to come up with ideas. Take some time to write out as many topics as you want in let’s say 20 minutes. You will then have enough topics on hand to blog about isn’t of wasting away your time to just think of ideas.

It will also cut down on time coming up with a structure of how you will start you blogs. A basic outline would be

  • Introduction
  • Key points that relate to your subject
  • Conclusion

I also love to outline. This will also cut down on time as well and make your blog read smoothly from subject to subject.

2. Plan Your Month Out-Plan out your content a month in advance. I know that sounds like a lot, but in order to stay consistent it’s best to create a schedule. I use a daily planner that I actually have to hand write out my blog posts and topics for the day. Yeah, I am old school with that one. Planning out a month in advance will hold you accountable and keep you on task.

3. Set A Content ScheduleI’m sure you are tired of reading about scheduling, but being prepared and having a plan is where it is at in the world of blogging. Every Monday or Wednesday you publish your new blog. Or Tuesdays and Thursdays you are testing out new products. It makes your audience tune in because they know it is Fitness Friday and you will be showing a new workout. Your audience ends up knowing your schedule better than you and can’t wait to hear what tips you have to share on Share A Tip Tuesdays!

4. TailwindI always talk tons about Pinterest because it has grown my blog significantly. I invested in Tailwind which lets me schedule an unlimited number of pins. It got so exhausting manually pinning throughout the day and night. This will keep you consistently on Pinterest. To have your pins circulating being pinned and re-pinned by in Pinterest land, will consistently keep your views up. You will have your views up just by Tailwind working FOR you, and you will have more time to write!

5. Goals– Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. It’s nothing like setting a goal and achieving it! That feeling of accomplishment is addictive. Consistent bloggers keep goals to stay on track and it helps your their business grow. Setting goals can be a task in itself. I talk about how to set goals in 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Rising Like Bread. If your goals are not attainable, you will not be consistent and grow your following.

25 thoughts on “5 Steps On Being A Consistent Blogger

  1. As a new blogger, this was very helpful time. I have had some
    “Issues ” the post couple of weeks and have not kept the commitment I made to myself to have a weekly blog. Thank you , this came at a very good time for me. It has reinforced some very key points that I need todo to remain successful in my businesses.

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  2. Great tips! I also have to hand write things out. It is how my brain works. I am in the process of shifting my schedule so I am not too overwhelmed, but I agree that it is key to be consistent…now to stick to it!

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  3. Great article! I loved what you had to say about setting goals! It’s so true that it’s important to have monthly goals. When I set goals, I’m way more apt to achieve them.

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