8 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Growing your blog is not an easy task. With millions of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers out there just like you; you have to work diligently to keep your brand in people’s faces. You want to drive traffic to your brand every day. We bloggers dream about gaining followers and subscribers.

Here are ways to grow your blog right now!

Social Share Buttons

You want your blog posts to be shared by EVERYONE. You want to ensure that sharing your blogs are easy for your audience. One click is it all it needs to take. Just one. Use social share buttons just for this purpose. I have them on the left side of my site and at the end of every post. This will make it as easy as Sunday morning for your post to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc.

Social Follow Buttons

While we are on buttons, let’s not forget social follow buttons. One click and your readers can follow you on all of your social media sites. And here is my shameless plug to follow me on mine! Ha! Pinterest and Instagram.

Facebook Groups

There are millions of Facebook groups for bloggers. These groups can be a networking fantasy. You can get your blog post in front of thousand of people’s eyes at one time! A lot of people use these groups to help them get comments and shares on their blog posts. There are threads dedicated in these groups to commenting on posts, shares on social media, and even likes. You will increase your blog stats just by being in these groups.

There is one thing to be careful of, you do have some sour appples in the bunch who will like and then unlike you as soon as you like them. This drives me insane. Unfortunately, you might have to go back and double check that once you followed someone that they really followed you, too.

Some groups to look into:

Blogger’s Promotion

Blogger’s Hub

Food Blogger Social Promotion

Blogger Biz & Babes

Blogger’s Supporting Bloggers

Blogging With A Dash of Sass

BTR-Blogger’s Instagram Community

You can also create your own Facebook group. Once you create a group it is all yours. You can set your own rules on how to run your own group. Share your latest posts for them. Remember, they want to read your blogs because they are following you in YOUR group. It is a community of like minded people collectively coming together to share info and become friends and follow you! I see my Successful Diva’s Blogger and Business group as my friends who I give info to to assist in building their businesses!

Another shameless plug- my Facebook group The Successful Diva Please join!


If you are not using Instagram to increase your blog traffic, what are you waiting for? Instagram is a very visual platform which makes this a shoe in for beauty and fashion bloggers. To take pics of your fabulous beauty looks and chic fashion ensembles and display them on Instagram will bring tons of traffic to you. Make sure you put your link in your bio so your followers an easily click to your website. If you have over 10K followers and a business account on Instagram, you can use the swipe up feature to bring in blog traffic as well. Always use hashtags to increase your reach on Instagram.

Interlink Your Blogs

I know some of us are glued to our stats looking at those numbers. Any new subscribers today? How many people from Pinterest or Facebook read your blog? You don’t want people to come to your blog and only read one post and leave. You want to intrigue them to stay awhile. Interlink your blogs with your old posts. This will instantly boost page views. Always remember that the old blog interlink has to relate to what your new blog is talking about. Your old posts too will be getting views and engagement as well as your new ones. Try to interlink at least two blogs a post.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging can give your blog an extra boost. This can spread your blog awareness and reach to people who might not see your blog. It is sometimes hard to find bloggers who will let you guest blog when your new to the blogging world. However, once your in it for a few months it will be great to start guest blogging. I get tons of traffic to my relationship blog due to

Keyword Search

Optimize your blog for search engines. You want sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to pick up your blog when someone searches certain keywords. Discover what keywords people are looking for when they are looking up our niche and use those words in your blogs.

Post At The Right Time

Coschedule recenlty analyzed the best times to post on social media. Posting when your audience is actually on the sites will increase the traffic to your outstanding blog!

4 thoughts on “8 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

  1. This is really informative. Requested to join the Facebook groups on your post as well as your own Facebook page as well. Also followed you on IG (your page is cool by the way!). Thanks for sharing!

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