How To Monetize Your Blog

I know you have been asking yourself the question we all bloggers ask ourselves: “Is this really worth it?”

Spending everyday planning out your blog posts, countless hours in front of the computer and neglecting the fact you really want to just watch Bravo instead of typing. I get it! We have all had those thoughts. Those thoughts have ran across my mind many times.

My answer is yes! Blogging is worth it and is essential for growing your online business!


Blogging promotes your business, creates a stream of income, and a way to build a community around your brand. There are many reasons to blog for your business.

I am always thinking of ways to make more money with my blogs. Yes I love to write on my blogs The Successful Dvia, Pupil of Love, Snapback Fitness but it doesn’t hurt to see some deposits hit the bank account oookkkkaaayyy!

I am the first to say if you are blogging JUST to make money. Then no, blogging will not work for you. It takes time to build a blog and a following who will be comfortable with buying your products or products that you affiliate with. That is a process and only the strong will survive. Do you realize that most people start out blogging but will give up after a month or two? Blogging is not for the weak at heart.

You will spend most of your time growing your blog before you even start making money. That is the main focus before the money starts to come in.

Passive income is one of the ultimate goals for many bloggers. Passive income is you putting in the leg work one time, and then getting paid multiple times off of that one thing. Lets say you write a blog about your favorite makeup line that you are an affiliate with, multiple people see your posts and buy the product from your link. Weeks, months, even years later you can earn commission off of that one post! Amazing right?!

Let’s get started on the methods to monetize your blog!

1.Affiliate Programs

Working with an affiliate program means your sharing an affiliate link to others of the product so that your audience can purchase. Whenever they purchase your product using your link, you get a commission.

Key Points To Keep In Mind

  • How much percentage of the sale is your commission? My suggestion is at least 10% commission depending on the product. Some companies will pay a flat fee for each sale, others may offer a percentage from each sale. Make sure you read the fine print.
  • Will your audience buy this product? Is this a well-known brand? Does it makes sense for your brand for you to market this product?
  • Check the reviews on the product. If they have many bad reviews steer clear!

Top 4 Affiliate Programs

1,My first choice is ShareASale This company has been in business for 15 years. With so many well known companies using influencers to market their brand, this is the go to for star affiliate programs. ShareASale has received accolades for efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

2. Ebay– Ebay now has an affiliate program! Ebay has been online for 20 yrs. You can now sell products from Ebay right from your blog!

3.Flex Offers– Flex Offers was just recently ranked number eight overall in the Revenue+Performance Top 20 Affiliate Network in 2015.

4. Click Bank– Click Bank has been around for 17 years and it is a major online retailer. Their main focus is digital information products.

5. ShopStyle Collective-A shopping search engine that complies products from hundreds of brands in one website. You can create links and widgets of products to share with your followers and earn a commission.

2. Create Your Own Product

Writing your own ebook? Are you good with arts and crafts? Already own an Etsy store and you are blogger? Blog about your product! Are you making crafts but don’t have any idea on how to market your art? Start blogging!

You can use Shopify for your shop or if you have a WordPress blog you can use the plugin WooCommerce to sell your products.


Key Points To Keep In Mind

  • Keep the button for your shop on your blog and obvious for your audience to see.
  • Provide value so your audience will always come back for more.
  • Readers often times want to get to know the person behind the brand. Don’t hesitate to open up the reason behind why you make your products.
  • Make sure you make your blog topics are the core of what your readers are interested in that circulate back to your product.

3. E-Courses

E-courses have the potential to really make some big bucks. You have a niche that you know tons of information amount and your audience is eager to learn your expertise. Just imagine that you create an e-course and people could buy weeks, months, YEARS from now. That is passive income at it’s best.

You own a business? People would love to know more about how a business is a run. How you got started? How do you keep your business open and have returning customers.

Are you into photography? Run an e-course on smartphone photography. Something that everyone is trying to master these days. How to use the lighting and colors to make your pictures pop.

An interior decorator? How to decorate each room of the house. How to create a theme for each room.

Key Points To Ponder:

  • Make your are teaching something of value. Most people are looking the e-course to solve sort of problem. How to own their own business, make their blog grow, learn how to decorate cakes!
  • Price it right
  • You can start small. You don’t have to create an extensive 20 lesson e-course to get people to buy it. Most people’s attention spans are short these days and won’t last a 20 lesson course!

The possibilities and money are endless!

* This post contains affiliate links. I will get a commission if you buy any products that I am an affiliate. I will never recommend a product that I don’t use myself.

9 thoughts on “How To Monetize Your Blog

  1. I clicked on this article as this is an area I am currently trying to learn about – thank you for writing such a clear article on it and providing some affiliate options! Great post 🙂


  2. After a year of blogging and having tried affiliate marketing with no success, I realize that the information that people consistently ask about would make a better lead magnet and eBook, and that this will be my key to success. To that end, I am working on a newer, more tailored lead magnet and an eBook)that I plan to build out to a course). Thanks for confirming that this is indeed a better road to long term passive income success.


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