The Ultimate Facebook Tips To Blast Your Blog

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms ever. With 1.36 billion active users daily, you have got to make sure you use Facebook to promote your blog! What better way to get your blog out there to billions of people everyday? Imagine the engagement, page views, and how many sells you can have through affiliate marketing just by being on Facebook.

You have your personal profile which is great. You can post your content to your friends and hopefully you have awesome friends that will engage and share your content. However, you still might want to think about creating a Facebook Page or Group.

Groups are built around a common cause.

So you can share your posts and talk about your niche without sounding annoying because that is what the group is all about. Pages are better for celebrities, brands, movies, TV shows who want to interact with their fans.

With groups, the members can invite others to join which is can grow your growth tremendously.

You can create a poll about anything and get an instant feedback. Any question you may have or topic you can put it out there with a poll. This can be great with product feedback or even how they liked your latest post. You can give your audience exactly what they want!

Ask open ended questions to increase engagement. Give the readers chances to open up about their experiences. It shows your audience you care about them and it builds trust.

Giveaways and announcing new products just got easier. When you have a Facebook Group, these people are your fans. Debut new products, e-books, or a giveaway they will be so excited to participate and purchase. Winning!

Facebook has a way for you to promote you posts without breaking the bank.

For as little as $1.00 a day you can boost your post to beyond your friends and family on Facebook. Based on interests, demographics, interests, etc your ads can reach billions.

First you need to have a goal as to what exactly the goal for the post. Raise brand awareness, sell a product, increase engagement, boost your website traffic, or promote blog posts. You can choose to run the ad for how many days or weeks you want.

Depending on your goal for the post, Facebook gives you the option to choose the type of ad you want. If you are looking for more page likes, you can choose the “Promote Your Page” ad and so on. There is an option to only promote to the people who are just in your group. It’s so much you can do with these ads it would be a shame not to use to get your brand out there.

Join Other Facebook Groups

There are Facebook groups out there just for bloggers to promote their blogs. Blogger support groups can cause you to make some awesome connections. You can network and find like minded bloggers, guest post on blogs, even find out tips along the way to help with your blog. You can share your latest posts and get feedback. You can learn from other people who openly discuss their strategies and how they gain followers. It can be a helpful tool joining these types of groups.

Here are some groups you can check out below:

The Successful Diva

Boss Girl Bloggers

GirlBoss Bloggers

Bossbabe Tribe

Blogging Babes & Business Bosses

Women Winning Online

Blog Beautiful

Blissful Boss Society

Here are other tips you can use to for blogging success on Facebook.

  • Treat your followers to member exclusive discounts for your services
  • Create videos to market
  • Give followers a “behind the scenes” look at your business
  • Post consistently. Schedule and plan your posts ahead of time so you can be on top of your game. You never want to make your followers feel abandoned.
  • Whatever your niche is, post how to’s for your audience. If you are a beauty blogger post a makeup tutorial just for them.

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