How To Be The Ultimate Boss Babe!

We all have in her deep inside of us. Some of us let's her shine through every day! She is shining with confidence. As soon as she steps in the room everyone sits up a straighter. Her business is skyrocketing and she is making plenty of deposits in the bank. Who is she? She is … Continue reading How To Be The Ultimate Boss Babe!

5 Steps On Being A Consistent Blogger

Life happens. Work. Family. Kids. Oh yeah, and yourself! You blog here and there, wait two months and put up a post. And then, no one reads it. No one cares. And then you want to get on WordPress and erase your blog and call it quits. No, Successful Diva's! We are not quitters! Yes … Continue reading 5 Steps On Being A Consistent Blogger

5 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Many people start a blog thinking it will be their recipe to success. Now that thought is true. Yes you can run a blog and make money. Lots of it in fact. However, you have to put in a lot of time and work to get to that level. It's many people who start the … Continue reading 5 Habits of Successful Bloggers